Monday Challenge 1 of 5

by Rod Smith

Five days to improve your immediate functioning and change your life:

My approach to therapy is taught (a little) and then lived (a lot).

The consulting room or classroom isn’t usually where the change occurs. It starts as you step out and into your life.

If you are tenacious, in sufficient pain or discomfort, or desire a shift, and you make a plan, it is possible to facilitate desired shifts.

Reading any column will not compare with seeing a therapist face-to-face, but it is a good start if you are willing and ready.

This week I will offer 5 days of one challenge per day.

If implemented, the challenges will cumulatively impact your life and shift your trajectory into something you’d probably prefer over what you are now (not) enjoying.

Here’s the first: create a blueprint.

Get a large piece of newsprint and cast your dreams and desires for the years you have left.

I am 62. I’m planning for at least twenty-five more years.

Create your blueprint in any manner that suits your thinking. I cover immediate relationships and local responsibilities, formal and informal education, writing goals, traveling and speaking opportunities. Given that I think in symbols and metaphors, my blueprint reflects my crazy mind.

Let your blueprint stretch your imagination and put what you imagine for yourself on paper.

As the cliché goes, if you aim at nothing you’ll probably hit it.

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