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February 12, 2017

Launching a powerful week…..

by Rod Smith

Embody these attitudes and thoughts…

  • I am thinking over this (whatever it is) and talking with a lot of respected and admired friends before I make a decision. I’d rather make no decision at all than a quick one when it comes to things that are going to cost me in the future. “Overthinking” things will not make me lose my spontaneity; in the long term it will increase it.
  • Your (whomever) attempts to pass your anxiety (anger, gossip, resentment) off onto me are doomed to fail. How about you worry about your concerns and I do what I have to do with mine and then perhaps we’ll enjoy each other more.
  • Feelings are very misleading and often based on how much coffee I’ve had. Let’s do more thinking than feeling. There’s nothing wrong with a gut reaction if it spends at least some time under the examination of my thinking brain.
  • Today I am going to earn more money than I spend and if I do that consistently I will steadily increase my chances of happiness. Yes, I know, money doesn’t buy happiness but it does make life a whole lot easier than being poor.