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February 6, 2017

Simple ways to live a transformed life….

by Rod Smith

I am convinced that within you (and me) resides the power to live a transformed life and that the gateways to that life are very simple. They are so simple that once you have read this column you will be ready to begin. You won’t require an expensive self-help seminar or anymore coaching or more books. This will be all you need, – all for the price of this newspaper. Yes. I know. It’s a big claim. But what I am telling did not begin with me. It began thousands of years ago. If you’ve been reading my work for length of time you will identify common themes. Here we go:

  • Forgive everybody as much and as deeply as possible. All spirituality is local. That means it begins with you (and me). Resentment and grudges bung up the works. Forgive, and you will feel better already. It will unleash a lot (or a little) of heaven into your life.
  • Work hard each day at being the most generous person you know. Give away things like money, possessions, authentic praise, due credit. Don’t gush. Just be honest and generous. By morning tea you’ll be reaping the rewards.
  • Gently, firmly tell everyone who you are and what you want and what you don’t want. Transformation is limited if you abdicate responsibility for your life. Take it back, no matter who has it.