Question about suicide

by Rod Smith

Do you think it is possible for one event to cause a person to commit suicide?

Yes. At the root of your question is perhaps the thought that something else, something unknown to those who were close to the person who takes his or her life, was troubling a person, and what was known, became the final straw.

Of course this may also be so.

Teenagers are particularly at risk for spontaneous suicide (and I cringe as I type that phrase).

A situation may feel overwhelming to a teenager and he or she (in that instant) may genuinely feel as if it is the end of his or her world. Added to the overwhelming feeling is the lack of developed cognitive abilities to think things through, to see and appreciate a larger context, and the resources to establish necessary objectivity.

My writing about suicide has, over the years has come under fire from readers, but I remain convinced that some suicides are desperate acts of prayer.

My experience almost exclusively involves youth suicides and other acts of self-harm among youth. In each event it seems there was a child (or teen) who did not know how to reach out to a person and instead reached out in the sure hope of touching the hand of God.

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