Growing in maturity…..

by Rod Smith

How I know a student (of any gender) is on a helpful and meaningful track*:

  • He takes full responsibility for himself.
  • She tells the truth as she sees it even if it is not in her favor.
  • He resists the urge to blame others when he’s in a difficult spot.
  • She assesses her own behavior in response to events and difficulties rather than focuses on what others may or may not have done.
  • He makes amends as far as is possible.
  • She refuses to cheat.
  • He thinks alone, acts alone, experiences things alone, while being a functional member of a community.
  • She is polite and thankful even under stress.
  • He has an eye for the underdog and offers a helping hand.
  • She is learning to stand up for her beliefs and her values even if it results in a lack of popularity.

*As always, it’s a note to self, too.

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