My parents fight all the time….

by Rod Smith

“My parents have been fighting for years and it’s gotten to the point where the smallest thing turns into an explosive fight. I can’t handle it anymore, I feel so low these days that I lock myself up in the bathroom and cry so hard that I can’t seem to stop. I walk around trying to act normally but on the inside I’m desperate for someone to notice that I’m not okay. Except no one does and I feel on the verge of a breakdown. They’re so unhappy and they say these horrible things to each other and scream and scream. I want to crawl under my bed and hide. I am 19-years-old.” (Edited)

Your parents apparently have a well-established fight routine that’s been mutually choreographed for years. It belongs to your parents and, as unsettling as it is for you, it apparently works for them. I’d suggest you establish your response routine that involves removing yourself from the battle zone by getting yourself out of the house and away from the crossfire. You are incapable of being your parents’ peacemaker and you will sustain possibly lasting injuries if you try. Get out of their toxic routines and leave it to them. That really is about all you can do.

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