What to do with helicopter parents….

by Rod Smith

It’s easy to knock so-called helicopter parents – the ever-present, ever-serving, ever advocating parents who are perpetually running interference with schools and coaches, often in ways that can be stifling, even damaging the very children around whom they hover.

All behavior has meaning. Parents “helicopter” their children (I’m amused that I used “helicopter” as a verb) for deep, powerful and hidden reasons, reasons often vastly beyond simple formulae or fixes.

What I do know is that it has nothing to do with the child.

I’d motivate for understanding, empathy, awareness, and acceptance for the helicopter parent.

Perhaps it is fear driven. Perhaps there’s a lack of trust with origins long before the child was born. Perhaps the child is regarded as a lifeline to something saner, more tolerable than the parent has ever known. Perhaps the parent has been used and discarded in the past and is dead set on safeguarding so history will not be repeated. Perhaps the marriage is perched precariously on hopes of the child’s success.

There are reasons to fear, lack trust, to want a life more powerful and meaningful than the parent may have known.

Empathy, awareness, acceptance, and understanding may go a long way to secure the helicopter’s safe landing rather than the humor or rejection used to shoot it down.

2 Comments to “What to do with helicopter parents….”

  1. Thank you for not adding a further advice and for your compassionate words: “the helicopter’s safe landing…”. May I and all brave pilots have a safe flight back home and enjoy their home and joy within

  2. Yes, and thank you. I resist the labelling, sometimes belittling of such parents. It’e easy, it’s cheap/

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