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October 6, 2016

Things my boys (sometimes) do that I love:

by Rod Smith
  • Stand up for the underdog
  • Stand up to each other without escalating whatever the issue is into a conflict
  • Stand up for each other if I am being irrational or unfair
  • Stand up to me my low-level or tanglible anxiety distorts my thinking
  • Stand up to me and to other adults without being rude or obnoxious
  • Volunteer to assist people in need without being nudged to do so
  • Be thoroughly honest when anything less might have gone unnoticed
  • Open doors for others, stand back for others, offer their seats to others (even to peers) just because it’s the right, good, and possible
  • Ask me how my day is going and whether I am getting things done as planned
  • Reflect on something they admire about someone we may know
  • Have some awareness of how their individual needs and wants impact our family

Before you have the impression that my sons have sprouted angel wings be assured they have not. At the same time, I have seen them do all of the above in one context or another. What’s very reassuring is that I know that they know what is good and right even when they may not always do it.