I don’t know how much more I can take of him being aggressive

by Rod Smith

“How am I supposed to know I’m in a bad relationship? I’ve been with this guy for two years and been through a lot. He has done damage to me and himself. My family does not like him. He is a good dad but can be a bad person at heart sometimes. Our son is now 1 and he does not help me but a diaper (nappy) change here and there and a bath when I ask him to give our son one. He has cheated along with me cheating. It was a big mistake. He still brings up my last ex as this guy treated me so right but I did him wrong. It was my fault that I broke his heart I apologized. He hates me as a friend. I deal with me having to yell as far as me getting a point across to him he still don’t listen. I could see myself with him but I don’t know how much more I can take of him being aggressive with his words and how I’m treated. What should I do?” (Almost all punctuation added)

Take it from me, you’re in a bad relationship.

Until you work on your integrity you will attract losers.   

Grow up – your son needs an adult parent.

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