I did not know he was married……

by Rod Smith

“I had a year-long relationship with a married man. I say ‘relationship’ because I was not aware that he was married. I am grieving. When he confessed it was the first time that he told me he loved me and was afraid to lose me. He admitted he was separated but financial circumstances pushed him to his wife. We tried to bargain for a month. It was difficult because the emotions were strong. A part of me did not want to let go. I realized I was settling for whatever I could take. So painfully, I let him go and cut ties. I told his wife and apologized. I know it was partly an act of vengeance, but also I know that by saying that to the wife, I would keep my word. He wasn’t ready to let go. I did not want to stay trapped. I’m trying to move on but still cry a lot. I don’t know how to vent my anger. I am still hoping I made the right decision. I need more strength to rebuild myself.” (Minimal edits)

The part of you that cut ties, that apologized, that decided you were “settling” is the part of you that will help you thrive. Keep listening to that voice!

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