He slapped me and left……. what do I do?

by Rod Smith

“I have been dating this guy for a year. We are both 30. He is jealous and insecure and would not let me hang out with my guy friends without accusing me of sleeping with them. I started limiting my outings because he used to fight and call me names like ‘characterless woman.’ He saw me texting at dinner and demanded to know who I was texting and when I refused to tell him he started accusing me in front of the hotel staff that I cheated on. He snatched my phone from me and threatened to break it. He would not let me get out of the car or drop me home till I answered his questions even though I repeatedly told him I have not cheated. When he finally dropped me home I forbade him from coming in and asked him leave me alone. He slapped me and abused me and left. Please tell me what to do?”

What to do? Report him to the police, get a restraining or a peace order against him, and NEVER see him again. This is not a “boyfriend” – “friend” suggests pleasure, joy, and freedom, and there is none of that here. He might be insecure and have “control issues” but you are the one dating him.

One Comment to “He slapped me and left……. what do I do?”

  1. I’m wondering a little about your position here but, regardless, do report this guy immediately so that he has less time to think he’s gotten away with something. If he’s openly offensive to you in public, there’s no telling what he might do in private or if he thinks you’ll tolerate such behavior.

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