Pro athletes and personal relationships…..

by Rod Smith


Observations regarding professional athletes, especially those whose rise to stardom is rapid:

1. Getting their own way becomes a way of life, which often leads to troubled personal relationships. What works (determination, quick-thinking, force, charisma) on the field is not usually appealing in intimate relationships. The skills, useful to the athlete in action, can cause athletes to use force or passive/aggressive, or aggressive forms of punishment in personal relationships. This, of course, results in pain for those who are intimately associated with the athletes. Perhaps saddest of all, is that those closest to the athlete are seldom positioned to get help for fear of exposing the athlete to “hurtful” publicity.

2. Men (this is World Cup season) who have not necessarily been accustomed to fortunes are prone to mismanage their quickly acquired wealth and goodwill, and are therefore prone to live reckless lives in the heat of their newfound celebrity status.

The “wise” celebrity enjoys the applause without believing it (adoration can turn to crucifixion in a moment – just ask Tiger!), employs a reputable agents and financial advisors, seeks wise and regular personal counsel, pursues authentic humility, and is deliberate about understanding the separation between adoring, faceless crowds, and the true love born of blood and deep commitment.

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