Powerful abilities are at your disposal…

by Rod Smith

You can do all five today...

You can do all five today...

1. Forgiveness – not necessarily “forgetting” although forgetting is a bonus, but fully forgiving everyone, everything, and all the time. I am not suggesting you stand in line to be repeatedly hurt.

2. Generosity – offering of your resources, gifts, and skills to others for a fee, or no fee. Both can be expressions of generosity. Just because you pay for something does not mean the source is not generous. Remember, and I’d give credit if I knew where I heard it, “If you get something for nothing someone is getting nothing for something!”

3. Hospitality – offering your home, car, and your resources (wisely) to others empowers everyone in the equation. It is a bonus if you can do it for an enemy or an estranged family member. This is radical hospitality.

4. Humor – offering others your ability to see and to express the lighter sides of life. Anxious people (organizations, churches, schools, businesses) become convinced that seriousness is more productive or more important than playfulness. In truth it is quite the opposite. (Please read Ed. Friedman: Failure of Nerve).

5. Awareness – developing healthy awareness of the impact your life has on others, the environment, and the future.

4 Comments to “Powerful abilities are at your disposal…”

  1. And if you consistently choose not to apply your abilities, powerful reminders are at the world’s disposal:

    1. Forgiveness vs. anger and loneliness.
    2. Generosity vs. paranoia and loneliness.
    3. Hospitality vs. isolation and loneliness.
    4. Humor vs. depression and loneliness.
    5. Awareness vs. rejection and loneliness.

    But that said, it is your choice…

    What do others see you choosing (by virtue of observing your behavior) not hear you choosing (by virtue of listening to your promises) ?

    Note: Thanks to Rod et al. for all your wisdom, generosity, humor, time, planning and effort. Even without your words, your choices are apparent … goodness hidden in plain view.

  2. Eric once told me that being good towards your self, is being hospitable to yourself. From that, I think you have more energy to reach out to others. Acts of kindness, I guess.

  3. You forgot heat vision

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