Loving children deeply and teaching them well…

by Rod Smith

Children want boundaries...

Children want boundaries...

The Greatest Gift We Can Give Our Children

Parents are bestowed the utmost honor and responsibility. Raising a child is both extremely rewarding and very challenging. It has the potential to drive one “batty” and the potential to produce much growth and maturity in the parents. Children have innate qualities, but are molded by the emotional environment. Children are born with the ability to create their individual slate of experiences. Significant people in their lives, with the environment, write and draw upon the slates.

Here are three ways that you can love your children deeply and teach them well:

1. Lovingly define yourself to your own parents, making sure they know who you are.
This could involve some conflict- all of which has the potential to produce growth and healing. By growing up yourself, you become free to allow your children to do the same. Children rarely go beyond the maturity level of their parents. Thus, this becomes one of the more priceless gifts that you can offer.

2. Be present without worrying about the future. Pay attention to what they are saying, and you may learn something. Children don’t need the latest and greatest educational tools or toys. They need you, your time, your encouragement and input in their lives. They will learn how to do relationships from you, not by what you say, but by what you do.

3. Set consistent boundaries in your home that you are prepared to enforce. Discipline is what children need and want. Guidance is how you teach your child to treat people, that your child is not the center of the universe, and to respect all people.

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