Emotional health

by Rod Smith

Mercury / Tuesday

Mercury / Tuesday

Personal growth is not only the product of an act of will, or a series of determined acts to move ones life in a particular direction. It is also the result of getting ones relationships aligned. Here is a brief and incomplete list of the manifestations of emotional health. When you see these ten pointers surfacing in your life you will know you are becoming very well:

1. You are generous – you give, not out of guilt or pity, but from the joy of being able to give.
2. You are open to change, challenge, and diversity.
3. You allow others, even immediate family, to be different from what is generally expected without making judgments.
4. You are committed to personal values and you set clear personal goals.
5. You forgive and forget when it is wise to do so, and you forgive and remember when it is necessary.
6. You have several committed relationships besides your primary family relationships.
7. You honor and respect the elderly and you enjoy the young.
8. You do not take sides when friends disagree.
9. You do not chase others for anything.
10. You avoid rescuing behaviors.

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