Emotional affair

by Rod Smith

I am trying to hear you...

I am trying to hear you...

This is a cop-out term (euphemism) to make a romantic attachment appear acceptable because there is allegedly no sexual activity. One or both persons in the so-called emotional affair is married or committed to someone else.

Here are behaviors common in an emotional affair portrayed through what one or the other person will typically say:

“I have finally found a friend without the complications of being sexually involved. It is so pure and you wouldn’t believe how good the friendship is for me.”

“He/she makes me into a better wife/husband and mother/father.”

“How can you be upset? You always wanted me to have close friends? What’s the difference if she is a woman when there’s nothing physical about it?”

“It is easier to talk since there’s no physical thing going on as there is with you and me.”

“He/she doesn’t judge me or expect anything from me. It’s like being with a therapist who is actually not charging anything.”

“Of course we talk and text a lot. That’s what friends do.”

“I don’t lie to you. It’s just that you wouldn’t understand how close we are and how much my relationship with her/him is really helping my relationship with you.”

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