Controlling “love”….

by Rod Smith

“My husband won’t let me drive, see my friends without him, or even get a phone that he doesn’t inspect everyday. I know he will even be upset if he knows I have written to you – but I know how to delete Emails and take them off the system. He says it is because he loves me and is my protector. Please help.”

It appears it is himself he is trying somehow to protect, not you. Love does not micro-manage. You will live like this as long as he determines – while you give him the power to be so very loving. Until you start to resist his controlling ways you will continue to be his possession and his puppet.

Your freedom as a couple (I am sure he too is not having much fun loving like this!) will come after an internal rebellion has occurred within your heart and you begin to stand up, look him in the eye, and refuse to comply with these ridiculous barriers placed on you in the name of love.

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