I said I’d be “there” for him and I wasn’t…

by Rod Smith

“I made a promise to my boyfriend that I would always be ‘there’ for him. One day when he needed me I could not be there. He said he felt let down, very mad, sad about what happened. A week later he won’t let it go. He went from being happy, cuddly, and laughing to reserved, mad, and ignoring me. It tore me apart. I need to fix this, to tell him something that will put him at ease. He has a bit of a temper and whenever we have problems sometimes it lashes out, but he always keeps his promises to me. I need to restore his trust in me and I would like to make him happy again. I need help on what to say to him and how to stop this from happening again.”

Order through link on the right

Order through link on the right

Say something like: “I am sorry I did not meet your expectations but it is unloving of you to hold onto this. Rather, focus on controlling your temper. If you’re like this (demanding, moody, attention seeking, immature) when we are dating what are you going to be like if we marry? And, take care of your own happiness. It is a far too big an assignment to put on me or anyone else.”

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