Sex or intimacy… tough to do both….

by Rod Smith

“I am seeing a man who, after a very physically intimate time, told me he wants a break. I just wish I knew how two people could be so intimate, so close, and share everything and then just cut himself or herself off totally from that person as if they were never a part of each other’s lives.” (Letter edited)

Sounds like you are dating a person with a propensity toward sexual addictions. Such people will do almost anything for a sexual “fix,” and then, once “satisfied” will move on. Your encounters are not about love or intimacy but lust and conquest. Don’t confuse sex with intimacy. Sex (what you do with your body) is the easy part. Intimacy (what you do with your head, your will, and your heart) is one of the toughest relational challenges humans face – and almost impossible to achieve outside the safety of marriage.

2 Comments to “Sex or intimacy… tough to do both….”

  1. Rod,
    Trure sex and intimacy are two different things. One can have sex and never have intimacy. Intimacy with sex is a beautiful experience that many never truly experience. Intimacy in a relationship must always preclude a sexual aspect of a relationship.

  2. Wow, I agree. without marriage it is hard to gain the commitment of another unless both parties are truly mature and committed to one another

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