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March 12, 2008

A note of thanks to readers (hard-copy and web)….

by Rod Smith

I find it fascinating that after seven years (I think it has been that long!) of You and Me I still get a stack of mail every day. Thanks. Thanks a lot! Three years ago I had so many readers asking for back issues of the column that I began posting the column on a website. This has resulted in almost half-a-million hits on from readers all over the world. I find all of this greatly satisfying and I owe the men and women of The Mercury and The Mercury readers much gratitude.

I am frequently asked about the column, about whether I get tired of reading about people’s problems, and whether I print letters as they come. I am also asked about the most common issues people face, and I am asked if I really do phone readers on occasion.

I do not get tired of hearing from readers no matter how troubled the circumstances may be. I do reduce letters to 200 words and I try to remove clues to the reader’s identity. Perhaps the most striking issue or theme unifying most family problems is the seeming unwillingness to speak up when problems first emerge. And, yes, I really do phone readers from time to time.

Thanks for reading You and Me.