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February 29, 2008

A challenge to all who lead

by Rod Smith

1. What do you believe about leadership? Have you written about what you believe to the point that you could articulate it at a moment’s notice?

2. Do you stop and think (reconsider, reflect) about your leadership style, your philosophy of leadership, or are your caught in the treadmill of activity that offers you no time to reflect?

3. Do you take time to acknowledge that everything you do is related to all who have come before you? Do you acknowledge that your success is not yours alone – there are no “self-made” individuals – but it is achieved against a backdrop of what others have done both for you and before you?

5. Do you acknowledge that your service and pursuits today, when done with excellence, will become part of an essential backdrop to further empower those who follow you?

A true leader can do nothing of enduring value without his or her community, without taking time to learn from others, without allowing time to uncover the true strength found in a shared spirit of discovery, respect, and humility.

True leaders facilitate the building organizations like schools, synagogues, churches, and businesses, that enable all its members to glimpse the future, to aspire to the greatness continually being born and nurtured among them, and the potential residing uniquely within each.