Ten office rules to help everyone be a little healthier…

by Rod Smith

  1. Mind your own business.

  2. Take care of every aspect of your own job before you give time to noticing what someone else is, or is not, doing.

  3. Never initiate or perpetuate gossip of any kind.

  4. Tell the truth.

  5. Apologize when necessary and try to learn from your mistakes.

  6. Get “you need” and “you must” and “you should” out of your vocabulary when you are talking to adults.

  7. Stand up to your boss if he or she is asking you to do something unethical or immoral.

  8. Thank and affirm people who are doing a good job in a manner that gets the person the greatest amount of positive exposure.

  9. Don’t use your work time, the phone, the copier, or the Internet for personal matters.

  10. Realize you are at work to work. You are not there to find a partner, to make friends, or to ease your loneliness. You are there to feed and support your family and to further the goals of the organization that employs you.


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