Beauty for Ashes

by Rod Smith

I saw something beautiful last evening. 

A celebrity husband and wife team from Durban — I’m a thousand miles from Durban — were performing in a local theater about four minutes away.

I watched a high-energy humor-musical-dance 2-hour performance which engaged a willing responsive audience.

It was delightful and I loved it. 

I loved it for much more than what meets the eye. 

The couple has, in past years, attended at least one of my public presentations for Mercury readers and, eyeing me in the audience, the husband dropped my name in recognition of my severely limited dance-move-skills. It was pleasing to be recognized and acknowledged.

What really thrilled me — along with the quality of the show — is that this couple has, by Grace and Grace alone, survived and thrived and remained positive and loving despite life-altering setbacks, some of which would surely have made many throw in the towel.

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