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January 16, 2023

We will be men……

by Rod Smith

We Will Be Men, My Sons

(With acknowledgement to Rudyard Kipling)

When we can negotiate without compromising our integrity, and stand on our own two feet without pushing others over, and love without controlling ….. we will be men, my sons.

When we understand and accept our uniquenesses, our resilience, giftedness, our frailties and failings, and within that understanding, do no harm ….. we will be men, my sons.

When we can forgive all others, deserved, undeserved, requested or not, and freely offer mercy and grace even to those who have rejected us, deserved or not……. we will be men, my sons.

When we can welcome strangers with radical hospitality, and yet foster independence, and be generous with all we own, while treasuring our valued possessions ….. we will be men, my sons.

When we empower others, desire their highest good especially when they can do nothing for us in return…….. we will be men, my sons,

………………..we will be men.

January 16, 2023

Grab your cape and……

by Rod Smith

Today, for the rest of the week, and beyond, I encourage you to regularly identify and deploy your superpowers. I believe we each have all 7 of the following superpowers – they come with our humanity – while 5 will probably be stronger, more pronounced within you. I also believe we will each “shine” with one as if it is our particular divinely imparted strength: 

  • Generosity – the willingness to give of what you have. It is not about wealth or having vast possessions, it is about being willing to give and share from what you already have. 
  • Hospitality – the willingness to be open to others, especially those who may be unlike you in terms of language or ethnicity or social background.  
  • Mercy – the capacity to offer grace where it is unexpected or even undeserved. 
  • Kindness – the willingness and desire to see and affirm and promote the best in others. 
  • Acceptance – the willingness and strength to embrace other people because of who and what you are rather for who or what they may be. 
  • Forgiveness – the willingness and capacity to let others off the hook – turn the page – for your own sake and for your own freedom.  
  • Love  – the willingness and capacity to desire the highest good for yourself and for all whom you know, friend or adversary.
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