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January 10, 2023

Drift away

by Rod Smith

I’ve witnessed several times over the years that Safricans tend to greet each other as long lost friends once they assemble at the departure gate for the flight home.

Dulles International’s Gate 8 became a reunion of sorts as South Africans of all ages merged after their separate but shared experience of ‘Merika.

I heard the chatter, even joined in. 

“Whole neighborhoods with no fences or even security,” says one. 

“My sister doesn’t even lock her house,” brags another. 

Then, after the 14 hour flight, I found it rather beautiful when “Drift Away” played on the walkway speaker system and several over-tired travelers sang along as we entered the airport building.

I confess I did a little “wanna get lost in your rock and roll” myself.

January 10, 2023

Airplane landing

by Rod Smith

Perfect flight, warm welcome at immigration, and now to get a little rest.