What I think my fellow USA citizen will notice

by Rod Smith

Things I think visitors to SA from USA will find interesting: 

  • Incredible scenery everywhere 
  • The heat and humidity at this time of the year
  • The white cars…… I’d estimate 95% of vehicles are white – I’ve asked several people why there are more white cars than any other color and have gotten the exact same response: it’s easier
  • The focus on security at every turn 
  • Car guards – young men who protect your parked car at various sections of parking lots and public street parking spaces – for tips – they will also find you a parking and guide you into it much like you see an Airbus being waved into Gate 57 at a major airport – or is that “waived”?
  • The enormous sense of friendliness and welcome which includes chatty check out clerks in shops and very friendly waitstaff in restaurants
  • Sit down dining and table service and food on real plates with (real) knives and forks at “fast” food outlets
  • Incredible restaurants and so many of them
  • The humor, the banter, the quick moves between languages that speakers appear unaware of doing 
  • Children off to school (primary school) in beautiful uniforms but shoes are optional – at least where I am 
  • The (small) number of adults in the mall who are barefoot 
  • The apparently thriving economy
  • Load shedding – rather google it than have me try to explain
  • How long it takes to get ANYTHING done at a bank
  • Finally, if you want any news about the USA you have to really seek it out.
Worcester scenes
Church in the city

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