Something beautiful

by Rod Smith

Please, take a few minutes to write something beautiful today – and, if you wish, send it to me. 

Such writing shifts things within us, sets our heart on seeing beauty.


I discovered this in a moment of desperation. 

My sons were preteens when multiple pressures demanded I land a part-time job teaching writing at a local community college.

Mostly, it was a pleasant, inspiring experience. The adult students were often late, arriving after work by public transportation, sometimes after a second job..

One evening a married couple entered the room while engaging in a raging vicious and rather abusive domestic argument.

Once the couple was seated I knew I had to do something to ease the tension. 

“Welcome,” I said, “I am glad you are here.”

Where I got this from I don’t know:

“Everybody, please, take a blank sheet of lined paper and let’s take 7 minutes to write something beautiful. Anything. A short poem, a vivid joyful memory, perhaps something about a gift you gave or received. I am also going to write. You will have an opportunity to read what you have written to the class if you would like to.”

Within 15 minutes there was widespread healing, weeping as students volunteered to read their writing.

May we all write something beautiful today.

Yesterday’s walk

One Comment to “Something beautiful”

  1. Dear Rod, you did something beautiful for your writing class, especially the quarrelling couple, by being sensitive to their need to rise above their differences and vindictiveness. You created space and the opportunity for them to reassert their goodness, love and gratitude for things that were were beautiful for them. You did a beautiful thing. Thank you. Your astuteness and kindness had a positive impact then and being able to access your wisdom has had a positive impact on me. Thank you

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