Last letter

by Rod Smith

I found the last letter written to me by our father….

Just to thank you for the lovely holiday you gave me. Thanks for Washington, Atlanta, Aussie, and New Zealand. Hard to believe that I covered so much ground and saw so much. I am missing Indianapolis a lot, also America and all its people. We had such a lovely time.

I am finding it hard to settle down. Can’t seem to get mobile. Health wise, I am a lot better. Tummy back to normal. Just a little backache now. I am sure that I will get better in time. Everyone’s looking forward to your visit in August. I will be away for seven days while you are here but will make it up as soon as I get back. Perhaps you can take a trip to Margate to visit me. We’ll talk about this later.

Have had so much to tell friends about our stay in America. Saw Chicago on TV and we were so excited as it was one of the main streets we went down with you. We are lucky to have so much to remember. I don’t think we can ever forget how kind and generous you and your friends have been me. August 1994

EWG Smith

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