Lines of people waiting

by Rod Smith

Big victory today. 

My new SA ID and passport are in hand. I applied for both several months ago when I was visiting for a week. I went to an Home Affairs location in the late afternoon and was overwhelmed with the service.

This morning the line was at least 100 strong (and that was outside the building).  

Anyway — they’re secured.

A moment on the way
And another

One Comment to “Lines of people waiting”

  1. Great to know you were in SA.

    Sorry that I missed you if you visited Durban.

    We have sold our home and moved after 42 years.

    The great joy is we occupy the cottage on our daughter and her husbands property and enjoy the company of 6 and year Olds who think I know so little.

    Of course it is true




    How are your young men doing

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