Travel and all is good……

by Rod Smith

On a personal note

I wrote yesterday’s column from the luxury of a friend’s condominium in Somerset West, Western Cape, and headed to the airport. Now, I am soaking in the quietness of Dulles International Airport  – the airport featured in an early Die Hard movie – before it bursts into its normal frenzy of rushing passengers, blaring announcements, and all that comes with one of the busiest airports in the world.

But, all is good.  

It was no cakewalk getting here. The 6 hour haul from Cape Town to Addis Ababa was long but easy. Passengers headed to Washington were whisked off the landed flight and boarded immediately for the sixteen hour flight to Washington DC. I thought it was an error when the in-flight information screen listed Dublin and soon discovered it’s a refuel and crew-switch stop before the 777 heads across the Atlantic. 

But, all is good. 

Here is what really warms me and makes it all good: while I was boarding in Cape Town, my son Thulani, texted that he was about to leave London Heathrow for Chicago after a well-deserved vacation. I heard too that Nate, my younger son, landed and started a fulltime job after his extensive knee surgery following a horrible sports injury.

Odd, I know, even travel challenges feel good when family news is encouraging.

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