Tom Jones

by Rod Smith

On a personal note……

I went to a Tom Jones Live concert this past Monday night. 

Yes, the 82-year entertainer is going strong. 

I made the hour-long journey, picked up my son (24), and joined hundreds of middle and advanced aged fans waiting to enter the theater. 

At 7:30pm, using a walking stick, Tom Jones entered the darkened stage, sat on a bar stool and, accompanied by a pianist, sang a moving rendition of “I’m Growing Old.” 

This done, four other musicians joined him, and, from his bar-stool, Tom Jones unleashed the energy of a man quarter his age thrilling the crowd for two hours with many of his hits and other favorites. 

Tom Jones talked of his only wife whom he married at 16 and to whom he was married until her death at 75. 

He reminisced about Elvis and Las Vegas and how Elvis himself gave the title of the King of Rock to Chuck Berry. 

Tom was kind, gentle, and humble. 

I liked that he talked about hip replacements and the aches and pains that come with touring. I liked the fact that it connected me to the days when I was an ardent fan. 

But, most of all, I enjoyed watching my son sing and clap along and have a ball to music most young men his age offer no time at all.

4 Comments to “Tom Jones”

  1. Loved this post! So happy for you and your son!

  2. Tom Jones – such an amazing artist & man. This adventure sounds like it was an exhilarating evening for the body & soul ! I’m loving & relating to your experience as no doubt many of our aging peers can . I’m also getting a kick out of imagining your son & soaking it all up in the special way of Thulani ❤️.
    Thanks for sharing Rod .

  3. What a wonderful time you had and a wonderful tribute to such a reknowned talent! I

  4. Tom Jones. Quite an incredible person.

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