Therapy success?

by Rod Smith

Do you see a therapist about your family or relationships issues? Here are a few ways to measure your progress. 

  • You’re gaining the courage you need to define yourself more and more clearly. You’re learning the futility of trying to define others, especially the people to whom you’re closest. Defining yourself means you’re declaring who you are and what you want in the nicest, kindest, most self-assured manner, and anticipating that those to whom you’re closest will do the same, or not.
  • You’re urging your ego to opt for being quieter, less defensive, and more curious. This is with the welcome knowledge that you have a lot to learn from how you got into the circumstances you face. You understand that you are the common denominator in all of your relationships. You blame no one for your choices and take full responsibility for your future choices, as loaded and as difficult as they may be.
  • You are able, more than ever before, to get a bird’s eye view of your family and your individual life. You are seeing how all things work together for gains in emotional health or, sadly, declines in emotional health. You know that all relationships and connections impact all relationships and connections and therefore you are being more careful with yours.

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