Power – you have it now how will you use it?

by Rod Smith

Power comes with your humanity.

You have the power to love, create, enrich others and to be a source of encouragement for those around you. You have the power to be very generous. You have the power to be kind, very kind.

The positive use of your inherent human power – we all have power and no one is excluded – will enhance and enrich your life as you seek to enrich others.

And, you also have the power to be vengeful, angry, resentful, and you may have many justifiable reasons to express vengeance and anger and resentment.

Such power, too, comes with your humanity.

I hope you will not use it.

The deployment of your power to spread negative emotions and damage upon others – even if you think they deserve it – will ultimately return and do its destructive work upon and within you. 

Unchecked, it will ultimately destroy you.

I regret every moment where I have used my personal power to the detriment of others and the seeming benefit of myself – which is the essence of selfishness. The memories I hold of such actions often keep me awake at night. There is nothing I regret more than inflicting my unmet needs and unresolved issues onto others. 

These were people who certainly did not deserve to have to cope with my boundaryless, harmful ways.

May you and I use our God-given power to enhance others and to do no harm.

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