Planning your week

by Rod Smith

Foundations for a good week

Go-counter. Take yourself by surprise. Decide that situations that would usually get your goat will rather stimulate growth. Begin your week with a bird’s eye view of your life. See the whole rather than the anxiety-producing challenging details.

Have a plan. Planning and deciding what kind of person you will be is even more important your weekly schedule of events. It is possible to decide how you will behave even under trying circumstances. It is possible to make an emotional blue-print for the week. Decide things like: I will be forgiving. I will leave room for others to be as imperfect as I am. I will try not to over or under-react. I will listen more than I speak.

Tip well. Tipping is not about the service or the food. It is about you. You decide how generous and kind you will be under all circumstances. Regular tipping trains your eye for a generous life-style. The only question I sometimes ask is if tips actually end up in the hands of servers. Regrettably, there are some establishments that do not pass the whole tip onto those for whom it is intended. Please ignore if you live in a nation where tipping is not part of your culture.

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