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April 3, 2022

How are you?

by Rod Smith

Monday morning heart-check: 

How are you? How is your heart this morning? I am not referring to the fist-sized organ in the center of your chest as crucial as your physical heart certainly is. I mean the scrum half – the quarterback – of your life. I mean the seat of your emotions; the “black-box” of who you are. I am asking about the center, your head-office, the magnificent place where your thinking, your memory, your planning, converge; the switchboard where you make sense, or try to make sense, of what you have felt, feel right now, and will feel in the future. I mean the place to which one may refer when one says one “fell” in love.

Yes, that place within you: where soul, spirit, mind, memory, ambition, regret, remorse, joy, sadness, grief and passion all gather within you and sit around the conference table and often compete to make you who you are – with some seeking to have the loudest voice and the most say. How’s that place coping within you this morning?

Which or who do you permit to dominate?

“Fine,” or “well” or “ok” will hardly suffice and it is hardly a fair question to ask in passing.

When someone asks me how I am I will sometimes ask if he or she has the time and the interest and the guts to hear my answer.