by Rod Smith

How people treat you (at least after a very short while) is up to you. Once they’ve revealed limitations on understanding boundaries and good manners it’s up to you to self-protect and determine your limits.

How we can treat ANYONE is how we can treat EVERYONE. If a man is capable or ripping off a stranger he’s certainly capable of ripping off his mother.

If you don’t determine who you are in any relationship the relationship will do it for you. Get in first and you’ll save yourself a lot of energy and trouble.

Don’t work too hard or expend more effort than person with whom you want to relate. Mutual and equal won’t come later if you sacrifice your integrity to be accepted.

Surrender all control over all the adults in your life. It’s work enough to be in charge of yourself and trying to control others suggests they’re incapable and you are.

Try to quit reading between the lines or expecting others to. Friendships are not guessing games and your friends are not mind readers.

If you enjoy and love who you are you give others a fighting chance to enjoy and love you too. All relationships are (first) inside jobs. Get to work.

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