On the fly….

by Rod Smith

Of course there are social pleasantries like, “how are you?”, and, “how’s your day?”, and, “what’s going on?”. These are expressed in colourful ways around the world according to culture.

The problem is we often stop there. We seldom get beyond social politeness, dig a little deeper, spend a little time connecting with others, even with those whom we love.

I’m guilty of this.

“On the fly” pleasantries keep us, well, on the fly!

When we do take time to hear each other out and not talk over each other‘s thoughts or sentences and are careful not to interrupt each other, we increase our mutual potential to discover the gold within every life.

When we do take the time to hear each other out we might discover unfinished grief that makes “on the fly” understandable, necessary and “helpful.”

When we do take the time to hear each other out we may discover the unmet goals and dreams and the discovery may give rise to some understanding as to why some people appear to behave in such peculiar, often angry ways.

All behavior has meaning.

Until we stop and listen we will understandably attribute meaning to the behavior of others that says more about ourselves than it does those whom we may judge after shooting them“on the fly” pleasantries.

It takes guts to be known and perhaps even more to know.

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