by Rod Smith

While there are more than 3, here are individual and organizational mindsets I have run into lately. There are people and organizations (schools, churches, businesses) who have: 

A visionary mindset – possibilities of life and creativity are endless. They can hardly wait to get started or continue building and participating in doing wonderful and challenging and adventurous things. They say “yes” more than “no.” They seek to solve encountered problems rather than search for them, or create them, before they start.

A victim mindset – possibilities are very limited because people perceive they are downtrodden by the choices of others and large opponents like “the education system” and “the government.” Every hurdle faced proves success is impossible. This is a platform of “let’s just say no” to almost everything before knowing what is being asked. 

A safety mindset – the world is such a dangerous place that every effort to ensure safety and reduce risk must be taken. These groups and individuals focus so much on prevention of failure and risk that it warps and robs participants of the innate human desire for adventure. These groups and individuals seldom seem to consider how dangerous a perfectly safe world would really be.

Evening – #beautybeautyeverywhere

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