White Trash – by Terry Angelos

by Rod Smith

Durban’s own Terry Angelos’s “White Trash” deserves acclaim and attention. 

The cover-quip by Jane Linley-Thomas says it is “flipping riveting.” 

That it is, indeed. 

And, more. Far more. 

If any venue on the planet where I teach Family Therapy had the courage to allow it, I would use the book as an essential text. I’d make it required reading for anyone wanting to study Family Therapy – in fact I’d come to Durban to do just that – because the memoir offers a graphic window into several pivotal elements of Systemic Family Process. 

It is all there: triangulation, the power of invisible loyalties, our deep connection to our place of birth, family process  – how the generations before us impact our individual lives for good and ill and how we potentially get to shift the future. It demonstrates the primal drives we each must fight, and how the search for survival and love can make or break us. 

Then, it is about grace, intervention, wholeness, wholesomeness, love and reconciliation.     

If you have not yet read it, please, do yourself and all of humanity a favor and do so.

It will challenge our every possible stereotype about the darker side of troubled women and men and remind you of the human ability to hurt, harm, judge and condemn.

Above all, you will be reminded that grace, redemption, and the possibility of reconciliation really is available to us all.

One man’s “trash” really is another man’s treasure.

Thanks be to God.

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