Heart of hearts

by Rod Smith

What do you want in your heart of hearts? 

Not for others, for yourself. 

This is not a selfish way to think unless, of course, you stop there. 

For this exercise, think only of yourself. 

It is a good and essential place to start. 

Examining this question and writing your answers using a few pages of bullet points is about getting your own house in order before you act on the inevitable impulse to arrange and rearrange other people’s lives. It is well understood that those who mess with the lives of others are usually avoiding their own inner-turmoil. 

It is hard to be in touch with this deep place of “what do you want in your heart of hearts” if we are always on the go. It takes closing your door, switching off the screens, perhaps dimming lights. It is making the effort to consider where you are right now in your life journey and how far you may be removed from what you want in your heart of heart. 

Where does your mind rush to if you insist on stillness and quietness? 

What does the quietness want to say? 

Outer quietness can offset inner storms of loud inner-voices competing for attention. 

Given time you will be able to cut through all the mind clutter and get in touch with what you really want in your heart of hearts.

Artist: Willem Onker

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