The enduring belief in “there’s no communication” saddens me…..

by Rod Smith

I regret to inform a valued reader from last week that there is no “failure to communicate” in the dating relationship that is causing you heartache.

The man you are “seeing” – or trying to see – is not lacking in communication skills and he cannot be accused of not communicating with you. People are communicating round the clock. We cannot stop communicating. Try it. You cannot. Go ahead and hide from the world, turn off your cell phone, stop talking to the people around you. The message you send with such odd behavior will be loud and clear to others even if it is totally misunderstood and misinterpreted.

The core failure labeled “no communication” rests in the unwillingness to hear, read, or believe what it is that is being communicated. The man who is constantly late for appointments with you, who repeatedly “forgets” matters that are very important to you, who avoids your texts and daily plays hide-and-seek with you is a superb communicator. He is trumpeting, full-volume, loud and clear that he does not care about the “relationship” he has with you despite what he may say to you when you are together. There is no failure to communicate. The issue is a failure or unwillingness to read or believe what is being very clearly declared.

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