Life-changing concepts

by Rod Smith

Remarkably simple, thoroughly life changing concepts when understood, embraced, and implemented:

  • Blame has no good return for the person choosing it. No matter how poor a job our parents may have done, continuing to blame them, or anyone, and hold resentment against them, or anyone, will be unhelpful and will impact the future for generations to come. Each of us has to make our own lives work and be successful – or not – no matter what hand we have been dealt.
  • Resentment is emotional cancer. It eats the host alive and usually has little or no impact on the resented person. He or she is scott-free while the host continues to stew in resentment’s toxic acids. Unforgiveness darkens the outlook and twists perceptions on everything, not only on the target of unforgiveness.
  • Health is first an inside job. People do need help often from others but the initial impulse for wellness must come from within. No one ever successfully imposed enduring health on another.
  • The parent who is overly-focussed on the child is probably doing neither the child nor himself or herself any favors. Even though they may appear to enjoy it, children are not equipped to handle being worshiped. Benign neglect or divided attention are better options than up-close-super-focussed parenting.

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