Family reunion

by Rod Smith

If you ever want a beautiful picture of a family reunion and mercy, the Biblical story of Joseph is the place to go. While you are there, if you can stop yourself from singing the music from “Joseph,” the widely loved musical, you will also see several family therapy axioms.

After decades of separation following a rather violent and involuntary departure and then years of isolation and struggle and torment, Joseph is full of grace and mercy toward his brothers. Recognizing who they are and realizing his brothers have come in search of help, Joseph discloses who he is and immediately asks about their father.

“I am Joseph. Is my father still alive?”

When there legitimately could be, there is no anger or desire for pay-back within Joseph.

“Come closer,” he says to his brothers and weeps with relief and gratitude for the opportunity for reconciliation.

“I will provide for you,” he tells his undeserving brothers.

What a family reunion! Many families long for such a reunion. Do you?

“Something got in the way,” I hear a woman say when she tells me she had not spoken to her sister in decades.

I concede, there are situations and times it’s impossible but, where possible, may we do our parts in getting whatever got in the way, out of the way.

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