Reflections for those in conflict

by Rod Smith

Reflections for those in conflict with others

Try to clarify matters for yourself first. This may take a few days. What do you want? Even if you do not get what you want, what will be the best outcome of this conflict as far as you are concerned? Are you aware of what will satisfy or placate your desire for justice or bring you a measure of peace? Will you feel better for being proved right and your opponent (former partner, friend, whomever) for being proved wrong? Is this even about who is right and who is wrong or winning and losing? Are you able to say what it is about?

Are you able to see and articulate the perspective of he or she or they who are on the other side of this conflict with you? The opposing views may seem ridiculous and unreasonable to you but until you are able to see things from your opponent’s point of view you may be blinded to some aspects the opposition find reasonable. We all have blidspots. There are far more than two sides to every story (conflict, breakup, cut-off) and trying to see as many as possible will empower you for greater humility and equip you with kindness you may now not feel you want or need.

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