Fillies and Goeda

by Rod Smith

Edwin Fillies and Wilson Goeda – in Durban this week – are a formidable team. They have unparalleled face-to-face experience with diverse cultures and have paved the way for many with deep divisions and historic conflicts to find unlikely reconciliation. 

Yes, unparalleled experience. Addressing audiences in excess of 75 countries between them is hard to match. 

Fillies and Goeda have offered seminars and orchestrated encounters with tens of thousands world-wide.

Although hard to prove, I should think their track records and flight patterns place them among the most well-traveled of all South Africans, ever.  

Hailing originally from Brandwag (Western Cape) Humansdorp (Eastern Cape), they are miracles, practiced artists in matters of understanding and reconciliation, approaching opportunities with tranquil humility, embodying courage demanded of their high calling.

One of them, and I don’t say this lightly, is even very funny. 

“Our message is restoration of identity, dignity, destiny of individuals, communities and nations. We work in the area of peace building, reconciliation, mediation,” says Edwin.

If you run anything involving groups of people and you want to expand your knowledge of your nation, its diversity, complexities, its vast potential for grace, let me know. I will put you in touch with Wilson and Edwin.

Part of their appeal is that they have chosen to spread a message of humility and love, a tough sell, often resisted, anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Edwin (left) and Wilson

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