21 years

by Rod Smith

I know it’s hard to believe but in March 2022 I will have been published each weekday in your newspaper for 21 years. To date I have written 7500 columns for The Mercury. There have been a handful of times when I have been traveling or out of WiFi range that very kind editors have re-published a column but, in the main, you have become part of my daily routine and I have loved it.

I especially appreciate readers who have followed my work from the beginning. Some readers have created scrapbooks of my columns and, while I am flattered, you indeed have more of my work collected than I do. The absolute truth is that this daily exercise in writing about relationships, mental health, emotional wellness has kept me growing (hopefully) and relatively sane (hopefully).

I know I am repeating an old theme but this column may indeed have helped you or inspired you but I am my first reader. The issues I write about are the ones I am seeing face-to-face in clients and meeting face-to-face within my own journey. Thank you for your faithfulness.

I am planning (tentatively, cautiously) a trip to KZN in March, 2022. Let’s get to scheduling.

3 Comments to “21 years”

  1. A 21st anniversary deserves a trip to the homeland. Tentatively and cautiously, of course.

  2. Wow , coming to Durban, Great.
    May be difficult but bring your boys too.
    Will be great to host you at St Thomas church in Musgrave road.

    Let’s chat

  3. Wow – 21 years is a long time & steadfast commitment . I think the idea of longevity & continuity is highly underrated in today’s times and needed more than ever w/ such rapid societal change & technology. Most of us hold a longing for the familiar and reliable . It feels soothing no matter the message & provides a source of recognition . You’re kind of like the wise grandfather to the masses as your words & examples are so relatable & helpful .

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