An invitation

by Rod Smith

An invitation to a deeper life

Let’s throw off our deliberate self-assuredness, our certainty and pride and embrace a little ambiguity. Let’s cast aside pride, the apparent lack of need to question our own fallibility, striding through life as if we alone are infallible. Our brazenness, hardness of heart, determination to pursue wealth, are getting in our way and we appear to be none the wiser about what it is doing to the core of who and what we are. 

Do you, do I, not know there are no self-made men and women? We are a product of magnificent grace no matter who you are, no matter who I am, no matter what our roots. Yet, there are days we live as if we could not possibly be wrong, or need to learn anything, or could benefit from evaluating something from a new or different angle. 

Let’s not fail to honor others and therefore live as if it ourselves alone who deserve all honor. Let’s not fail to listen to others and therefore live as if we ourselves are the only ones with something to say. Let’s not fail to observe and therefore live as if we have seen it all and stride as if the world and others have little or nothing to teach or to show us. 

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