The unexpected

by Rod Smith

When the unexpected occurs, things you’d prefer to avoid; self-, other-, or life-inflicted, take a minute or an hour or a month if necessary to:

  • Remind yourself that life itself has spent a lifetime preparing you for this. You’ve run versions of this track before. You have what it takes. You are probably stronger, more resilient than you may feel most of the time. No one is strong all the time. It’s rare to be weak all the time. Courage ebbs and flows.
  • You’ve had a lot of practice facing adversity and all of the opportunities were rehearsals for the next one. You’re more skilled, self-aware, experienced than you’ve ever been. A little distance, a lot of patience, a load of listening, a truckload of grace for yourself and others will get you through this. Take time to replenish supplies of goodness and grace.
  • You’re not who you were, you’re not who you will be, you will emerge with new learnings, renewed, replenished grace. Give yourself room to receive divine grace and you’ll be unrecognizable to others and yourself. Everything can be faced without returning evil for evil, wishing ill on another, and without carrying a sense of entitlement or a desire for revenge. Peace is possible, no matter what or who you face.

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