Life does its good work

by Rod Smith

I am fascinated by process, time, growth; how life itself gets us ready for life itself. I don’t mean to sound so obscure but let me illustrate: 

When my boys were very young neither they nor I could imagine them leaving, going off into life on their own. None of the three of us was ready for that. It is different now. It’s not that I want them gone. I do not. But I do want them to forge ahead and get on with their own lives. I want them to find adventures in far off countries and to make friends with people I will never meet. I want them both to go to places I have never dreamed of going.

Life prepared me for that transition. I find no resistance within me for it to continue. I thought I would hold onto the boys in some way but I cannot find it in me to do so. That’s what I mean. I am ready, we are ready for things none of the three of us could have foreseen us being ready for.

Life did it. The process did it. This is what I am celebrating. What is bringing joy to your heart this morning? Let me know, please.  

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