Looking for a therapist — not so quick!

by Rod Smith

Before you go to therapy for your marriage or your general state of unhappiness or your lack of motivation there are a few things you may want to ponder:

  • The therapist you choose is another person, just like you. He or she is no miracle worker. If there are going to be any miracles as a result of your work together they will all come from you.
  • If you are focussed on the therapists success as a person (to see if you can trust him) or if you want to know about her children and how good they are (to see if she can help you with your children) or you want to know about his or her relationships (to know if the therapist can help you with yours) don’t bother. You are not ready to get any help from anyone. Save your money until you really want help.
  • If you have engaged a divorce lawyer but you want to give therapy one last shot in the hopes of seeing what happens or you want to show the courts you really did try and save the marriage, again, don’t bother. If your bags are already packed or your weapons are already drawn there is no therapist who can help you.   

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